While the original Visual Composer plugin already provides you with the option to embed a Google Map via iFrame, that’s sometimes just not enough. With “Visual Composer Extensions”, you now have full control over your Google Map. Define which control elements you need, use one of the 300 included markers or upload your own marker, and if possible, you can even expand the map to use the full width of the theme layout (does not work with all themes).

Furthermore, the map can have a fully featured direction element, where viewers can easily enter their start address to get directions to your location without having to leave your site. The map even allows for a printout of the directions.

But that’s not all – for all maps, you can select from dozens of color patterns to style the roadmap and for the independent mind, we also included the information from “Open Street Map” as map option.

Map Options

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  • Show multiple maps on one page
  • 300 included map marker
  • Upload your custom marker
  • Directions module to your location with printout
  • Dozens of color patterns for road map
  • Marker animation (drop or bounce)
  • Custom marker info-window with full HTML
  • Includes Open Street Map layer for road map
  • Control button for traffic and bicycle trail layer
  • Home button to quickly center map back on location
  • Reset button to restore map after directions have been drawn
  • Easily show or hide control elements (zoom, pan, street layer, etc.)
  • Option to expand map to use full width of available theme main container