We take a pride in providing top notch support for our products.

For pre sales questions

If you have any doubts about any functionality or not sure how things work, you can take a free test drive the product here and see all the possibilities yourself.

If you still have any pre-sales questions or suggestions, you can ask them by posting a comment on our product sales page.

For post-sales support

Any support related questions should be asked by sending a message through contact form on our Envato Marketplace profile.

Notice that requests received via comments, direct emails, or through social media may be missed as we don’t track those channels.

What we expect in your support request

  • URLs where sample of the issue can be seen or changes are necessary.
  • Description of the issue / necessary changes.
  • What is expected after necessary changes are made.
  • Screenshots.
  • Additional details in brief.

Other important things

Logins & Credentials

Buyer may be requested to provide necessary login details for debugging / replicating the issue & to implement the changes if necessary. We guarantee to use provided credentials only for the purpose of requested customizations. Also, buyer is recommended to review everything when the support request is completed and remove or change the provided login credentials.


Though we try and take all necessary backups before commencing the work, it might not possible on few occasions. So buyer is requested to take backup of all FTP files, database and any other necessities.

Conflicts / Incompatibly with other softwares

Many of the support requests that we come across are due to conflicts or incompatibly with other poorly coded softwares. It is obvious that we can not ensure compatibility with all other softwares.

What do we cover in the scope of our free / complimentary support service

  • Fixing bugs and issues related to our product

What do we NOT cover in the scope of our free / complimentary support service

  • Customization and installation services
  • Support for third party software and plug-ins