Visual Composer Extensions provides you with a lightbox that can be used to show images in a bigger size. You can apply the lightbox to single images or group images into a gallery.

Lightbox Features

Visual Composer Extensions provides you with a complete lightbox solutions for your images. You can group individual images throughout your page by assigning a group name or build a gallery grid of multiple images. A gallery grid will automatically create a grid of all included images, while also allowing you to create a full description of your gallery, to be shown in the lightbox.

[dt_vc_list style=”1″ dividers=”true”]
  • Backlight effect for each image (based on most saturated color, custom color or hidden)
  • Group individual images throughout your page
  • Thumbnails for gallery (top, bottom, left, right, none)
  • Automatic grid builder for gallery
  • Control number of grid columns by breakpoints based on available screen size
  • Responsive layout for gallery grid
  • Touch and swipe for mobile support
  • Deep linking and social share for images
  • (Pinch) zoom for large images
  • … and more!

Single Images

You can assign the lightbox to any image on your page and can even group images throughout the page by either using a default group name or assign a custom group name. When no group name has been assigned, the image will be “stand-alone”.

Manually Grouped Images

The following images have been grouped together by using a common group name (i.e. “imagegroup1″).

Image Galleries with Auto-Grid or Slider

When creating an image gallery, the plugin will create a responsive grid for all images, re-sizing and placing the images automatically.